Christmas Slimline with Crackerbox & Suzy Stamps + RINEA foil

Hello and welcome!!   Happy November everyone!  This month Crackerbox & Suzy Stamps is collaborating with the amazing crafty company,  Rinea.  Rinea specializes in gorgeous foil paper.  The paper is stunning in person, and is so fun to work with as it holds its shape well as you dry emboss or fold it as well!  

Today I am showcasing another technique you can do with it….Stamp!  Rinea has a special formula of ink called Ghost Ink 2.0 that lifts the color off the foil paper, allowing the stamped image to appear etched in the foil.  The effect is stunning and the detail I was able to acheive surprised me!

I decided to use some red foil and the Ghost Ink paired with some classic Christmas ornament stamps from Crackerbox & Suzy Stamps for today’s card.  I used the Ornament Dangle Trio and the Ornament Merry Christmas stamps for my card design.  

To use the the Ghost Ink–I would recommend some type of stamp positioner as it required multiple stampings to completely lift the ink off, but the effect was completely worth it!

Here is a closeup of the detail!!  You will be seeing more of this technique from me this month for sure!

You can find more inspiration, and share your own fabulous projects in the Crackerbox and Suzy Flaunt it if You Made it Facebook group!  There is a monthly sale kicking off today as well, be sure to check your wishlist and shop!! Visit the sale categories HERE.

 That wraps up my post for today, I will be back here soon with another dose of red rubber inspiration!  Be sure to follow along with me over on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with all my caffeinated adventures!  Till next time, bye!~Shanna

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