Coffee Lover's Blog Hop

Fall Coffee Lover’s Blog Hop Day: 5

I have been having so much fun making all of these caffeinated creations this week!

Today I played around with SRM’s Coffee Plans some more (Yes, it’s a favorite!!!)  and added a fun circle element from their Pray, Journal, Repeat stamp set as well 🙂



As a self proclaimed coffee connoisseur I enjoy a lot of different coffee drinks.  This card highlights some of my faves (especially ESPRESSO if you hadn’t guessed!!!)


Check with me tomorrow for day 6’s creation!

Here are links to my earlier caffeinated posts this week, be sure to check them out while you are here!!

Day 1: Coffee Lover’s Card with SRM Stickers

Day 2: Brentwood comes to town!!

Day 3: Monsters Like Coffee Too!!

Day 4: PSL Journal Card

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