Coloring skin tones with Chameleon pens


So I am far from an expert in coloring….but I do like to dabble.  One of my hardest challenges is always skin tones. With so many gorgeous stamps put there I find myself coloring and shading skin tones frequently.  My favorite medium of choice at the moment is Chameleon Color Tone Pens.  They are an alcohol ink pen (like the beloved Copic Marker) but they have a blending chamber that allows you to achieve different shades/tones of the same color. This is insanely appreciated when coloring and shading skin tones.  I recently purchased the new release of skin tone colors and had a bit of time to play today, so thought I would share.


         In the set comes 5 markers that are considered skin tones. I chose 3, and stamped out the same image 3 times on  a piece of smooth 110lb cardstock.  The image is one of my favorite Angie Girls from Unity Stamps called “Wren Girl”.  Love that line!  As you can see, with just ONE pen I was able to color and shade my girls pretty quickly. I am still learning, but these are making me feel more confident the more I play with them.

Here is a quick comparison with the 3 makers I used side by side with the blending gradient:

Some places to buy Chameleon Pens: (non-affiliated, just some favorite places to shop!)

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